How to Get Weed in Munich
How to Get Weed in Munich

How to Get Weed in Munich

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Where to get weed in Munich. Munich, Bavaria’s capital, is one of Germany’s most attractive cities. It boasts wonderful architecture and a rich and interesting history, and it is frequently compared to Vienna. Munich is most known for its Oktoberfest, but it offers a vibrant nightlife and cultural scene all year. Despite largely permissive regulations regarding cannabis in Germany, getting cannabis in Munich can be difficult. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about cannabis/marijuana in Munich.

Cannabis in Germany – Laws 

Cannabis laws in Germany are less stringent than in other European countries. According to the legislation, small amounts of marijuana intended for personal use in Munich are not prosecutable. This implies that depending on the circumstances, the amount of pot on you, and the cop who arrests you, you may be able to get away with having weed on you. However, Munich police are notoriously strict, and if you are found with marijuana or smoking, you may face a fine. It is not encouraged to smoke in public places, especially in the city center. The best and safest option is to consume marijuana at home.

Cannabis was legalized for medicinal purposes in 2017. As a result, growing, selling, and importing cannabis for medicinal purposes is legal in Germany.
According to the German Narcotics Act, all types of commerce require authorization. Furthermore, when medicinal cannabis is imported from outside the EU, an import permit is required under the German Medicinal Product Act. The cultivation is controlled through a competitive bidding method.

Individuals can obtain medical cannabis in the form of dried blossoms or extracts only with a prescription and only for serious illnesses if: (i) a generally accepted standard therapy (a) does not exist, or (b) in particular cases does not apply based on the justified assessment of the treating physician, taking into account expected side effects and the disease status of the insured patient; or (ii) there is a reasonable possibility that the medical cannabis will have a possiblity of success.

Getting weed in Munich

Finding cannabis in Munich can be more difficult than in other German cities, such as Berlin, due to the rigorous Bavarian police. If you’re looking for street vendors, the English Garden is definitely the finest spot to go. It is a large park where many young people congregate in the summer and even sunbathe. Some people consume pot in the evenings, and vendors are generally present. Between the metro station and the park entrance, you can usually find a dealer-looking person (usually black or Arab). Weed is a little more expensive than usual, ranging from 10-15 euros per gram, and tourists may pay more. Always be wary of being conned and keep an eye out for cops.

get weed in munich get cannabis/marijuana in munich 


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