Weed in Maastricht
Weed in Maastricht

Weed in Maastricht

Get weed in Maastricht. cannabis marijuana in Maastricht

Get weed in Maastricht. Maastricht is a historic and scenic city in the Netherlands. Without a little cannabis, it’s hard to appreciate this great city. Despite the Netherlands’ tolerance for marijuana, obtaining cannabis/marijuana in Maastricht if you are not a resident might be challenging.

Cannabis law in the Netherlands

Netherlands is recognized for having among of the world’s most lenient cannabis laws. Nonetheless, it is not legal, simply tolerated. Different municipalities are also allowed to enact their own cannabis laws, which is why anybody over the age of 18 may buy marijuana from a coffee shop.

This is not the case in Maastricht. A cannabis permit (wietpas in Dutch) is necessary to enter a coffeeshop and purchase marijuana in Maastricht. This implies that only citizens of the municipality who are officially registered are permitted to access the coffee shops and purchase cannabis. Weed, hash, pre-rolled joints, and edibles are all available at Maastricht coffee shops, as they are in Amsterdam.

The weed prohibition is intended to deter people from Germany and Belgium, which are both close to Maastricht, from obtaining cannabis and bringing it back to their own countries. In Maastricht, you may buy marijuana.

This implies that if you don’t reside in Maastricht, you won’t be able to legally purchase marijuana. Dealing on the street is illegal and may get you in hot trouble. Selling, on the other hand, is a far more severe offense. If you are able to get marijuana, you should avoid smoking in busy places. The most popular places to smoke outside are in the park or along the Maas river.

How to get weed in Maastricht

Get weed in Maastricht. Although Maastricht has coffee shops, the greatest place to buy cannabis is from a company. You won’t be able to enter without a marijuana pass, but you may always ask someone. Many young people in Maastricht would gladly buy some for you if you only asked. Another alternative is to buy marijuana from a drug dealer on the street. They usually have lower-quality marijuana or just sell you what they have at a higher price at a coffee shop. It is, however, illegal to sell marijuana on the street, and dealers cannot be trusted. Late at night, you may usually notice them near the bridges. They’re mostly Middle Eastern, and if you go past them, they’ll shout “wiet.”

Get weed in Maastricht. cannabis/marijuana in Maastricht

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