Get Weed in Barbados
Get Weed in Barbados

Get Weed in Barbados

Get Weed in barbados. marijuana/cannabis in Barbados

Get Weed in barbados. The Caribbean island nation of Barbados is usually rated as one of the top travel destinations in the world. The lovely ambiance, relaxing waters, and local rum attracted millions of visitors from around the globe. The fact that marijuana is legal but poorly regulated on the island is unknown to many tourists. For more information on the marijuana/cannabis in Barbados controversy, keep reading.

Cannabis Laws in Barbados

The legal status of weed in Barbados remains murky, but the country is moving toward full, regulated recreational marijuana use. What the law actually says about cannabis is now a little hazy. Despite the fact that selling and trafficking are against the law and subject to imprisonment, recreational possession is a little trickier. Most of the time, police don’t care if people are using cannabis, and when they do, they usually take it away. There have been reports of people receiving fines or being forced to pay bribes to the police, but these usually only amount to a few hundred dollars. Given the peculiar regulation, it is best to smoke discreetly and with caution.

Where to Get Weed in Barbados

Since there are less limitations, weed in Barbados is extremely simple to find, and if you walk around town, you’ll probably been offered marijuana and other narcotics frequently. If you hang around for a while, you’ll almost surely score some marijuana. Beaches and areas with a lively nightlife are particularly densely packed with dealers. Alternatively, you could merely approach locals for help, especially young males or rastas. The quality of the weed is typically subpar because it is grown outside. You ought to budget between $50 and $100 for half an ounce (16 grams). The price should always be subject to some negotiation because tourists are known for being taken advantage of.

Get Weed in barbados. marijuana/cannabis in Barbados


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