Weed in Bergen

Where to find weed in Bergen Norway.  get cannabis/marijuana in Bergen  

Where to find weed in Bergen Norway

Where to find weed in Bergen Norway . Bergen is Norway’s second-largest city, situated on the country’s fjord-filled northern coast. Bergen is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and environment, so if you’re looking for an outdoorsy and unusual vacation, this is the place to go. In Norway, weed is difficult to get by, but there are a few sites in town where you might get lucky. This guide will teach you on how to get cannabis/marijuana in Bergen.

Cannabis laws in Norway

As you might expect, Norway is a liberal and progressive country where cannabis is tolerated and decriminalized, but it is still illegal. If you’re caught with less than 15 grams of marijuana, it’s deemed personal use, and you’ll simply pay a fine. If you have more weed than that, or if you are caught more than once, you may face severe penalties. Norway is unconcerned about those who smoke marijuana but do not sell, grow, or traffic it. You won’t get into too much problems if you confine it to small-scale personal use. However, having weed in bergen in your person is still unlawful, so keep it hidden.

Getting weed in Bergen

Finding weed in Bergen can be difficult if you don’t know anyone. You may visit Nygrdsparken in Bergen, which is a popular yet shady park packed with dealers and other strange individuals. It’s a seedy area, so go during the day if you do decide to visit. Aside from that, you may try asking around. Many people in Norway, particularly the younger generation, smoke marijuana, therefore they may be able to get you a better rate than Nygrdsparken.

Where to find weed in Bergen Norway.  get cannabis/marijuana in Bergen  


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